Monday, June 30, 2008


ZipTied All Star bash was this past weekend. I think the best thing about Pro-Am is rolled in a nice little bun for this event (even the dirt). I need to make it out to one of these, they are already planning ASB 16... I think it will be in November, to go or not to go, that is the question.

Forrest car, with the greatest fenders for a coupe!

The greatest wing ever made

Some other hot cars.


Rob said...

Do a CFR event at HTM!

Simba said...

You must be insane... Ok I will do it.

the3L said...

Hey! i didn't know u had a bloggg... hmmmmmm...


Rob said...

oh and btw

why are there no pics of your car

are you a poser?!

Simba said...

hush you