Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The Far Side

So I am going to Canada again for "business". Too bad it is one weekend after Caribana. I now need to see if I can coax my work into letting me stay the weekend, well rather to pay for the extended stay.

For some reason this made me think of Pharcyde. Benson, next time someone asks what good LA rappers are there besides snoop, you can mention Pharcyde.

Pharcyde - Passin' Me By

Pharcyde - Drop

Pharcyde - Runnin'

Thursday, July 24, 2008

My deskmate

So this little guy sits next to me all day at work. Collaboration of many people.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Feels good to be home

Finally back to Chicago!

I brought back Phil too, sorta, but he is dragging at coming home, he will be back this weekend!

Last night in LA was fun, met up with Benson and Nadine at their place.

We had to decide between Gyu-Kaku (Bukkake if your Nadine...) and Din Tai Fung for dinner. Ended up going to Din Tai Fung, and it was delicious, if you ever get a chance to go to one, you should go!

We also went to a comedy show on Sunset in Hollywood. It was Nadines friends birthday and he is the creator of Live Comedey L.A. Blog, so he brought along his favorite acts. It was a good show, never went to an amateur stand up before.

This was the line up:

I also got my first experience with Roscoes Chicken & Waffles! It is such a weird combo. I got the 1/4 chicken smothered in gravy add some hot sauce, and a side of waffles. It was great!

And the best part about the trip is I got paid and only used one personal day!

OH and Benson left me with trouble as a parting gift...

To do, or not to do, that is the question...

Saturday, July 19, 2008


The one thing I wish Chicago has was these rediculously comfortable seats at AMC! Saw The Dark Knight and it lived up to the hype!

Heath Ledger rivals Jack quite well, Joker has the best magic tricks! Who wants to see it again...

Friday, July 18, 2008

No Foolishness

There is something about chilli and cheese in Cali, everything has it on it... Went to Tommy's and got the Mega Combo. Basically it is a triple burger, triple chilli, triple sized drink, and top it off with a triple bypass surgery.

Also went to Dromo1 finally, it wasn't closed and private like it was the last time we came. Way better than CIR!

Finished the night off with some more Touge Action. A cop came by and told us no foolishness. So we decided no weed or drinking, cop went the other way up the hill and they took another run... Then a helicopter came up the mountain, attempted to do some flatspins, failed horribly at that, and the cop came out. 30 minutes later the cop leaves, the helicopter decides to show us he is still a man and proceeds up the mountain, 5 minutes later the cop zooms by chasing him again. Another 30 minutes goes by and the helicopter comes down with a sad face.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Touges and fitment fish

The one thing I didnt expect to see around here was this fish that TF Dave randomly drew at TF. It is now deemed the fitment fish.

Ended the night in a Touge session, Illinois sucks for being flat...

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The cat in the hat

I made it to LA finally got to eat The Hat!
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Monday, July 14, 2008

Vegas wrap up

My Vegas trip has ended and it was pretty badass.

On Friday night met up with Chase and Blair (Jinkz) stopped by the track for a little bit, said hello to some people. Watched non seeded quals.

The track was pretty crazy. 4th gear entry 80-90 mph into a slight kink left directly into a wall, then transition right into another wall where the clips are, then a loop around. It is shaped like a backwards question mark. You have to commit very hard in the first corner, many people did commit and crashed. BP was there, but he didnt qualify.

After that went out on the town with some of the AZ boys, since its Vegas you can drink on the street and we did (yes I did).

As fruity as the drink looks it is really strong. At some point in time we ended uo in a truck bed and at some bar by Fremont. Ended up getting home around 5AM..

Next day we go back to the track for the event. Alex decided to finally drive, but he crashed his car the night before so he is just playing around on his scooters and shit doing wheelies like every other Hawaiian.

Manabu Orido was also at this event, first FD event, and let me say his car sounds amazing, I beleive it is a 3.4 liter 2J, its heavy as hell, but he still drives like a badass.

Photo by Larry Chen

Yoshioka, driving for ASpec ended up winning the event. He won the last time there was a drift event here for D1GP. The points in FD are now all over the place.

After the event we met up with the Drift Alliance boys, JR, Chris, Ryan, Tony, Tony's little bro Jake, and some other guys.

JR and Abby outside the Fitzgerald.

After a little while the testerone started floating an they started betting who was the strongest, but this isnt a simple $10 bet. These guys bet bigger stakes.

Yes that is 200 bucks. This went on for a while and at a few different locations. 6AM rolls around and the sun comes up and everyone decides to go to one more place, we end up at Hard Rock and stick around there till about 8AM.

An overall great night and great trip. Now I am sitting at the airport waiting for my delayed flight to go see Phil!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Las Vegas

So I just got into Vegas and was gravitated towards this sign. Yumm
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Monday, July 7, 2008

Minnesota Dontyaknow

This past weekend was 4th of July and ClubFR put together its first Drift Day in Minnesota at Elko Speedway.

To start this weekend off with the nice 6 hour drive to MN, took the fit and T2 Films Tim's Risky "Banana" Devil Quest. Picked up Phill in Madison and I end up leaving the gas pump in the car and drive off. I guess you can consider it my protest against gas... I end up having to pay 25 bucks to fix itm and we head on over to MN.

Just before the boarder we stop at Fireworks City. We went at the request of Kristi to get some sparklers and little things. We end up buying Roman candles, and all this other random stuff. As we get to the back we find a box that we noticed everyone had called Goliath. It is huge and looks dangerous. So we ask if Fireworks are legal in MN and the guy laughs and says no. So we start second guessing this purchase. Then we see they have a deal for Goliath and a different one called Excalibur for a little less than the price of one. This is what we ended up getting:

So we get to Keith's place and settle in and get some drinks and sit outside and begin to bbq. As we are eating we start hearing fireworks (its still daylight). It is Keith's neighbors, and in his neighborhood it sounds like Earl is just driving around backfiring. At this point we realize it is nothing like Chicago and we won't have any problems with the law. It is like 9:30 and for some reason still bright outside and Earl is getting a bit antsy and starts to lay out all the fireworks all while smoking. We sedate him with potato salad and corn and he disappears to the bathroom for a while.

It finally gets dark out, we mess with the Roman candles for a bit, and the girls play with sparklers.

I have never seen people get so excited over sparklers, you need to see Anabel's face to truly grasp the joy of a child...

Most of you will figure out that this was a complete Earl production by looking at the next pic.

Minus the Diet Pepsi, everything looks good right...? So it finally gets dark enough for the fun stuff and all the mortars are on the board 4 attached to each other and same with the wicks as shown. We light it, roll the film on the camera, and step back. The wicks burn brighter than the sparklers as we wait in anticipation, then in a glorious earthshaking thump to the chest and ears 2 of the firework shoot up into the sky. Screams, cheers, and laughs are heard for a couple seconds, then the other two go off. One goes up as the other two explode in the sky, and lonely number four shoots straight into the corner of the backyard and bursts right in front of us in a shiny explosion. The screams and the laughs keep coming as Anabel wonders why she has beer all over her. As our eyes readjust to the normal light we realize one of the tubes flew right by her and knocked over a drink, and the other one is in front of the bon fire.

After almost killing us all we decide to staple them down and continue on with the show. We continue the night with drinking and crazy fireworks and let this go down as the best 4th of July ever!

The next day is event day, the girls go to Mall of America, and we go to Elko Speedway. Overall the event went well, we had a full event, all but one from Minnesota, so despite all the hate MN stepped it up and drove. After the event there was an Eve of Destruction. This is basically where 5000 show up drink, and watch cars, trucks, and busses run around the doing figure 8s, tipping over, hitting walls. Don't forget the Monster Trucks and Megasaurasus as well.

tMF Opposition did 2 demos during the evening and put on a great show for the fans out there. Mike, Ryan, Scott, and D all did an amazing job. Chris from Heiruspecs took care of narrating all the craziness. tMF even got some Kumho Blue and Reds for a patriotic Red, White, and Blue, burnout!

If you ever get a chance to go to MN check out an EoD, they are fun to watch, especially if the tMF boys are out there demoing.

Some pics of the tMF boys during DD22. In order, thats 2g1c2u Ryan, Black Magic, Day Walker, Miami Brice, D somalongadingdong.

You can expect us back in Minnesota sometime soon!

Also we ate sooooo much food this weekend, sorry for clogging up your bathroom Keith, I hope your plumbing is still ok...

Thursday, July 3, 2008


Just for Rob.

My 2000 lb paperweight, is now holding papers in my garage.