Sunday, August 31, 2008


So why is it that Nismo LMGT4s always fall in the hands of non Nissans? First there was Lindsay's FC.

Now TF Dave has them on his Evo X.

They should just rename them to Mismos...

On a side note if you saw Rob's post about Mad Mike from Aussie teaming up with Red Bull and putting a 4 Rotor in his FD. Here is another vid. Sounds dope, I hope he puts it to good use.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Favorite Car

So a cousin of mine from the UK came into town, she saw that I was into cars and mentioned her dad got her into F1. Obviously she is a Lewis Hamilton fan and goes to F1 every now and then. She invited me out to come watch it next year, so I may be headed there...

Anyways she asked me what my favorite car was, I sat there for a second and couldn't answer. So I posed the question of what is the use? I don't think I have one favorite car, but here are some of my purpose centered favorites, keep in mind this is about the chassis not the car in the picture.


2008 Toyota Tundra - I am not a truck guy, but would really like one for trailering my car. Why this one, maybe it is because I work for Toyota, maybe because it looks like an Evo X, or maybe because it is capable of towing a few cars no problem. Production on these things has gone so low (shutdown for 3 months), prices must be dropping...

Lexus LS - I seem to have this loyalty to Toyota... But how can you not love this thing, its huge, the stylying is amazing, throw some wheels and lip aero on it and its hard to pass by without staring. Complete comfort, quiet ride, some decent power.


Honda Fit - You probably are wondering why I would think a car I already have is my favorite, but the more I own this car the more I realize if I had the choice I would do it all over again. The car is small on the outside, but big on the inside, it is a comfortable car, great for long trips. Magic seats help me fit almost anything in it. Gas mileage is on par or better than most hybrids, and its a Honda, gotta love Hondas.

Race Car

R34 Skyline - Sure the R35 seems to surpass it in many which ways, but its hard to not want an R34. It holds the majority of the top times at Tsukuba Circuit. Obviously its hard to ge, so an Evo would fall close to second.

Drift Car

180SX - A lot of people might disagree with me, but when I though about a favorite drift car this is the car that kept coming into mind. Every which way of the 180SX is amazing with the proper setup. Sure a JZX something would be cool, or a 350Z, but I think I will always miss having a hatch. I blame part of this on the rebuild of TF Dave's hatch, I don't really know what he is doing but I know the aero and in general what it will look like... Perfection.

Sure theres no Porsches, Ferrraris, Ariel Atoms, etc... But in the realistic world of cars I really love, this is it. What about you?

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Night Shift

HIN Nightshift was this weekend, some Origin drivers and Risky Devil guys were out doing the demo. These demos are always interesting, parking lot was a little small, but the crowd was still hyped up.

Here is a little youtube clip of Josh and Chob, these boys were doing a great job all night!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Drift Day 23 part deux

Here is a synopsis of the event.

About once a month in the "lovely" town of Shawano ClubFR and its various members invade the town. This weekend is Drift Day 23, and round 3 of the Midwest Cup Series. This event would be a special event as it was a feeder for the Pro-Am Championship. ClubFR would be gathering drivers for the East Division Championship at Virginia International Raceway during GT Live on October 3rd-5th (visit for more details).

This event was overfilled with many drivers coming from all over the Midwest, MN, IL, WI, and IN. Lots of new faces and cars came out for the days events. To even up the playing field a new course was used consisting of a high speed slightly banked entry into a downhill right, followed by a hard left towards the finish.

For today's competition the judges were Formula D driver Brian Peter, Pro-AM invitee Clinton Florczyk, and ClubFR President Simba Nyemba. Morning practice was kept short to bring out the best drivers under pressure. Despite the short practice the competition was tough. Qualifications had various drivers putting thier best runs out there. A few drivers slated to be on the top missed the tandem rounds, but various others stepped it up.

After a long hiatus in drifting Bill Cook from Indy took the top score in qualifications with an almost perfect score from the judges. Mike "Black Magic" Pollard took second in qualifications with his RB powered S13, and Ryan "I came to get down" Clemens took the 3rd spot for qualifications.

During Tandem rounds there were quite a few close runs. tMF Opposition member Mike Pollard closed in on Juan Marquez to advance to the next round against Bill Cook. Mike was looking promising to make it to the finals until his power steering gave up in the middle of his run advancing Bill Cook to the finals.

On the other half of the bracket Ryan Clemens and his S13 went up against Leigh Roto and his MK3 Supra. First round went tied and they went one more time. In the sudden death match Ryan kept the gap to a minimum and advanced to the next round against Doug Artus.

Doug Artus in his borrowed pirate car who has been putting together amazing runs in his KA powered S13 went up against Ryan Clemens in the semi finals. Doug had been consistent all day, until Ryan put some pressure on him and was able to take the win and head to the finals.

In the final round tMF Opposition member Ryan Clemens and Bill Cook both had amazing runs, almost perfect mirror runs. In the second run Ryan and his SR20 edged over Bill and his CA18 to take the win.

The podium saw Ryan Clemens on top, Bill Cook in second, and Doug Artus in third place.

As this was a Pro-Am feeder event, the top drivers from the day were awarded an invite to the Championship event. The judges were highly impressed with all of the top 8 drivers that an invite was awarded to all Top 8 drivers.

The Pro-AM invitees include:

1. Ryan Clemens
2. Bill Cook
3. Doug Artus
4. Mike Pollard
5. Mike Feiock
6. Leigh Roto
7. Juan Marquez
8. Jacob Cook

Special Thanks to ClubFR, Drift Association, USA International Raceway, Kaizo Photo, all the drivers and fans and last but not least the MWC Series Sponsors: Central Motorwerks, Drift Line, Equilibrium, and T2 Films.

Some more photos from the event.

Photos by Kaizo Photo

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Drift Day 23

Drift Day 23 finally came around, at everyones favorite USAIR. This event was a Pro-AM feeder event. So the best drivers of the day get to go to ProAM championship at VIR.

There were quite a few new faces, and quite a few non 240s which is always refreshing. Some pics below from Bruce and T2 Tim.

Josh's rhd 180SX

AJ's C'Westin Altezza

Tanaka san, replacing Rob in the Miata department

Fue Khang from MN drifted his 300 whp AWD Subie Wagon and did an amazing job for his first time.

In the end Ryan Clemens took 1st place. More info on the event and what went down shortly.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Ill IS

Red IS300 + CWest + White Regamasters = Ill

Friday, August 8, 2008


Just some random videos of some good drivers and badass cars (except one...)

Tommy Suell @ FD Las Vegas. Car looks even faster in person.

Tommy Suell @ FD Las Vegas from Joshua Herron on Vimeo.

Forrest Wang @ WSIR. One badass chassis and engine setup, take a look at if you ever have a chance

Test Day with Forrest Wang from Joshua Herron on Vimeo.

Pat Morduant @ WSIR. This is Pattycakes piloting the ugliest Z ever built, Sherman no longer drives it, Pat is great driver. Also just found out he qualified first in unseeded at FD Seattle, first time competing in this car!

Code Name: Cherry Sundae HD from Will Roegge on Vimeo.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Do work son

I love business trips...
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Sunday, August 3, 2008


Is this thing supposed to be about cars? According to Rob it is...

So here is my car in its current state, it runs, sorta, untuned and runs pig rich...

On a side note, if you are shopping for a switch panel for your car, get an Auto Rod Control panel. I have the 8 switch panel, as you can see in the video it's flat, all buttons can be momentary or a regular on/off. Any one button can also be a master kill switch. The best part is it is attached by a really long ribbon which can reach around the entire car.