Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Favorite Car

So a cousin of mine from the UK came into town, she saw that I was into cars and mentioned her dad got her into F1. Obviously she is a Lewis Hamilton fan and goes to F1 every now and then. She invited me out to come watch it next year, so I may be headed there...

Anyways she asked me what my favorite car was, I sat there for a second and couldn't answer. So I posed the question of what is the use? I don't think I have one favorite car, but here are some of my purpose centered favorites, keep in mind this is about the chassis not the car in the picture.


2008 Toyota Tundra - I am not a truck guy, but would really like one for trailering my car. Why this one, maybe it is because I work for Toyota, maybe because it looks like an Evo X, or maybe because it is capable of towing a few cars no problem. Production on these things has gone so low (shutdown for 3 months), prices must be dropping...

Lexus LS - I seem to have this loyalty to Toyota... But how can you not love this thing, its huge, the stylying is amazing, throw some wheels and lip aero on it and its hard to pass by without staring. Complete comfort, quiet ride, some decent power.


Honda Fit - You probably are wondering why I would think a car I already have is my favorite, but the more I own this car the more I realize if I had the choice I would do it all over again. The car is small on the outside, but big on the inside, it is a comfortable car, great for long trips. Magic seats help me fit almost anything in it. Gas mileage is on par or better than most hybrids, and its a Honda, gotta love Hondas.

Race Car

R34 Skyline - Sure the R35 seems to surpass it in many which ways, but its hard to not want an R34. It holds the majority of the top times at Tsukuba Circuit. Obviously its hard to ge, so an Evo would fall close to second.

Drift Car

180SX - A lot of people might disagree with me, but when I though about a favorite drift car this is the car that kept coming into mind. Every which way of the 180SX is amazing with the proper setup. Sure a JZX something would be cool, or a 350Z, but I think I will always miss having a hatch. I blame part of this on the rebuild of TF Dave's hatch, I don't really know what he is doing but I know the aero and in general what it will look like... Perfection.

Sure theres no Porsches, Ferrraris, Ariel Atoms, etc... But in the realistic world of cars I really love, this is it. What about you?


Brittanie Holderness said...

I see..You really have a wonderful list of favorites, Simba. My favorite cars are the Bugatti Veyron & the Alfa Romeo Spider. By the way, your cousin must be really good at driving. It takes mad skills to engage in F1 racing, you know. :)

Brittanie Holderness

Kyle Schmidt said...

“You probably are wondering why I would think a car I already have is my favorite, but the more I own this car the more I realize if I had the choice I would do it all over again.”--- Well, the fact that it was the one you picked when you were trying to buy a car, it must’ve been the apple of your eye! :D The Honda Fit is great. It’s actually the one I’m trying to recommend to my younger sister.

Kyle Schmidt

Ava Harness said...

Hey there! I so love Honda Fit Honda. I always join joy rides with my friend on his Honda Fit, and my, the "Magic Seat" has seat backs that fold flat and seat cushions that can be flipped upward, which make our trips extraordinary. It also gets me to sleep soundly, haha. ;) Your younger sister may love it too. Drive safely and enjoy your rides.
-Ava Harness