Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Time Attack

There is soo much greatness about this car, Earl do it!

Roger Clark Motorsport Time Attack PRO Winner 2008 from Clashproduction on Vimeo.

P.S. Clashproduction is dope!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

G Phone

I recently broke my Blackberry, the last few days without it have been hell. I ordered a G1 though, it came out earlier this week, but I won't get mine till Nov 10th.

What is a G1? To most its just a knockoff of an IPhone with a keyboard, but it is very different. So it obviously is a touch screen phone, it has a slide out keyboard like a sidekick. The lack of a real keyboard was what I hated most about the iphone. The big thing about it is it runs on an OS called Android, which is an open source OS, so for geeks it means you can basically create any application for it without having to cut corners and make illegal shit. So in general on the software side it is limitless. The G comes from Google, so you know it has big potential.

Mo got his a few days ago so I had a chance to mess with it. First impressions is it feels good. My big quirk about the iphone vs. my blackberry was although it was thinner it never fealt right in my hand. G1 feels like a phone, its a little bulkier, but not as wide, and just as tall as the iphone. 

Now to get away from the iphone vs. g1 talk, the G1 has some great apps. I only played with some for a breif time and read about them. Some of my favorites include ShopSavvy, CompareEverywhere,  or GoCart. In general they ar
e all the same, they let you scan a barcode which brings up the product. Then it searches for online prices, then you can go direct to the site and buy, or it searches local stores, then integrates locations on google maps. One of them even has the option to set a price point, the app will alert you when the price goes below it!

Some other cool apps include Locale, lets you set area
s in which your phone will do different things. For instance, say you are within 100 feet of a certain addy, such as your work, the phjoen will automatically change to vibrate, then swithc back when done!

For all you Imeem users, it also has that so you can stream music live on your phone. And the one app that is more of a gimmick but cool none the less, is compass mode in google maps. Basically when you are in street view and compass mode is on, you can move the phone, up and down, side to side and the image you are viewing in
 street view will move with you. Coupled with 3G it loads really fast. 

When I get it I will post a real review...

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Finally driven

So DD24 has come and gone, finally got to drive my car. 355HP feels amazing, until you break 2nd gear... 

Pics courtesy of Keith

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Dyno with black and chrome mags

Finally got the car dyno'd. I am a bit suprised by the numbers, higher than I expected. Pulled 355hp/281tq at only 15psi and on old shitty plugs.

I will have one more date with the dyno when I fill up on some race gas and boost to 21 pounds, but its almost winter time.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

VIR Synopsis

Wrap up on GT Live/Pro-AM and VIR.

The weekend was great. It is nice to just hop in the car and head a few states away. It was one hell of a trip. I was up for 43 straight hours (only took about an hour nap). I survived on NOS energy drink, coffee, and Arizona teas.

The drive was uneventful until VA when we hit the Appalachians, it was around sunrise when we got there, so coupled with the beautiful roads we had some nice scenery. Earl drove the touge portion and made Eric and John sick, and me fear for my life. Reverse back to about 2 days ago when I was scrounging around to try and get some replacement rear tires for my fit since they were bald. I did not get the tires, so we were to savor the tire tread...

Get to the track and help setup. VIR is different than a lot of tracks, its like an amusment parks for Cars... The track is soooo large, there are even tracks in the middle of it, go kart tracks, ;pdhes, even a CDOC. It is the perfect setup. ProAM took place on the Patriot course, all  this made me do was want to drive. It is such a fast course but still technical, at some day I will go.

STANCE/Origin booth was a success, lots of people came by and bought stuff, great location, great sales. It was also great meeting a bunch of people from ZT, great bunch of guys!

Overall great weekend. The drive back we finished season 2 of How I met your mother, but Earl forgot a disc so we missed a bit of it. I decided to sleep and just download the rest. Ended up only driving when we hit Chicago. Made it home by 6AM.

Here is some eye candy from the event. Be sure to check out Kaizo Photo for Keiths amazing pics.

GT Live 2008 - Team Hot Property Drift Teaser from Kevin Trinh on Vimeo.

T2FILMS VIR pro-am slowmo from Tim Tulov on Vimeo.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

VIR last leg

On the way home stopped at Sonic for the first time. Not too special, just like a dairy queen, but with drive thrus...
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You are winner

Congrats to Brian from MA for the win!

Team drift tomorrow.
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Saturday, October 4, 2008

VIR Comp

Stu aka johny 5 qualified first place, just broke an axle during tandem. In process of fixing it.

From the midwest boys only black magic qualified for tandem. Ryan had car issues, clinton just missed the boat, and the indy boys just missed the cut
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VIR show

Sickest M45 ever.
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VIR Trip 4

Found the touge. So did tako chi.
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VIR Trip 4

Found the touge. So did tako chi.
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VIR Trip 3

Made it to virginia. Sun is coming up. Almost done with How I Met Your Mother season one.

And no trip could be made without good gas mileage. Its 3.47 out here.
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VIR Trip 2

We are pretty far into the trip now. Stopped in Indianapolis for some food. The downtown is on the verge of being a nice mini chicago. But where are all the people? The streets are empty, the stores are empty its friday night.

But we did find an arbys. And that seems to be where everyone is, atleast all the dubs and caddys and spinners.

We are now in the touge portion of the trip and in west virginia. We are watching How I Met Your Mother. At this point john is pissed that he hasn't met the bitch.
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Friday, October 3, 2008

VIR Trip

Headed to VIR with eric john and earl. First sign this is a bad place is changing my weather on my phone to the area. Only place I can take weather from is lynchburg virginia.

Pray for me.
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