Sunday, October 26, 2008

G Phone

I recently broke my Blackberry, the last few days without it have been hell. I ordered a G1 though, it came out earlier this week, but I won't get mine till Nov 10th.

What is a G1? To most its just a knockoff of an IPhone with a keyboard, but it is very different. So it obviously is a touch screen phone, it has a slide out keyboard like a sidekick. The lack of a real keyboard was what I hated most about the iphone. The big thing about it is it runs on an OS called Android, which is an open source OS, so for geeks it means you can basically create any application for it without having to cut corners and make illegal shit. So in general on the software side it is limitless. The G comes from Google, so you know it has big potential.

Mo got his a few days ago so I had a chance to mess with it. First impressions is it feels good. My big quirk about the iphone vs. my blackberry was although it was thinner it never fealt right in my hand. G1 feels like a phone, its a little bulkier, but not as wide, and just as tall as the iphone. 

Now to get away from the iphone vs. g1 talk, the G1 has some great apps. I only played with some for a breif time and read about them. Some of my favorites include ShopSavvy, CompareEverywhere,  or GoCart. In general they ar
e all the same, they let you scan a barcode which brings up the product. Then it searches for online prices, then you can go direct to the site and buy, or it searches local stores, then integrates locations on google maps. One of them even has the option to set a price point, the app will alert you when the price goes below it!

Some other cool apps include Locale, lets you set area
s in which your phone will do different things. For instance, say you are within 100 feet of a certain addy, such as your work, the phjoen will automatically change to vibrate, then swithc back when done!

For all you Imeem users, it also has that so you can stream music live on your phone. And the one app that is more of a gimmick but cool none the less, is compass mode in google maps. Basically when you are in street view and compass mode is on, you can move the phone, up and down, side to side and the image you are viewing in
 street view will move with you. Coupled with 3G it loads really fast. 

When I get it I will post a real review...


Benson H said...

nice! the phhone sounds pretty awesome!

philstarsays said...

yeeee i like it =P haha