Wednesday, October 8, 2008

VIR Synopsis

Wrap up on GT Live/Pro-AM and VIR.

The weekend was great. It is nice to just hop in the car and head a few states away. It was one hell of a trip. I was up for 43 straight hours (only took about an hour nap). I survived on NOS energy drink, coffee, and Arizona teas.

The drive was uneventful until VA when we hit the Appalachians, it was around sunrise when we got there, so coupled with the beautiful roads we had some nice scenery. Earl drove the touge portion and made Eric and John sick, and me fear for my life. Reverse back to about 2 days ago when I was scrounging around to try and get some replacement rear tires for my fit since they were bald. I did not get the tires, so we were to savor the tire tread...

Get to the track and help setup. VIR is different than a lot of tracks, its like an amusment parks for Cars... The track is soooo large, there are even tracks in the middle of it, go kart tracks, ;pdhes, even a CDOC. It is the perfect setup. ProAM took place on the Patriot course, all  this made me do was want to drive. It is such a fast course but still technical, at some day I will go.

STANCE/Origin booth was a success, lots of people came by and bought stuff, great location, great sales. It was also great meeting a bunch of people from ZT, great bunch of guys!

Overall great weekend. The drive back we finished season 2 of How I met your mother, but Earl forgot a disc so we missed a bit of it. I decided to sleep and just download the rest. Ended up only driving when we hit Chicago. Made it home by 6AM.

Here is some eye candy from the event. Be sure to check out Kaizo Photo for Keiths amazing pics.

GT Live 2008 - Team Hot Property Drift Teaser from Kevin Trinh on Vimeo.

T2FILMS VIR pro-am slowmo from Tim Tulov on Vimeo.

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