Monday, July 14, 2008

Vegas wrap up

My Vegas trip has ended and it was pretty badass.

On Friday night met up with Chase and Blair (Jinkz) stopped by the track for a little bit, said hello to some people. Watched non seeded quals.

The track was pretty crazy. 4th gear entry 80-90 mph into a slight kink left directly into a wall, then transition right into another wall where the clips are, then a loop around. It is shaped like a backwards question mark. You have to commit very hard in the first corner, many people did commit and crashed. BP was there, but he didnt qualify.

After that went out on the town with some of the AZ boys, since its Vegas you can drink on the street and we did (yes I did).

As fruity as the drink looks it is really strong. At some point in time we ended uo in a truck bed and at some bar by Fremont. Ended up getting home around 5AM..

Next day we go back to the track for the event. Alex decided to finally drive, but he crashed his car the night before so he is just playing around on his scooters and shit doing wheelies like every other Hawaiian.

Manabu Orido was also at this event, first FD event, and let me say his car sounds amazing, I beleive it is a 3.4 liter 2J, its heavy as hell, but he still drives like a badass.

Photo by Larry Chen

Yoshioka, driving for ASpec ended up winning the event. He won the last time there was a drift event here for D1GP. The points in FD are now all over the place.

After the event we met up with the Drift Alliance boys, JR, Chris, Ryan, Tony, Tony's little bro Jake, and some other guys.

JR and Abby outside the Fitzgerald.

After a little while the testerone started floating an they started betting who was the strongest, but this isnt a simple $10 bet. These guys bet bigger stakes.

Yes that is 200 bucks. This went on for a while and at a few different locations. 6AM rolls around and the sun comes up and everyone decides to go to one more place, we end up at Hard Rock and stick around there till about 8AM.

An overall great night and great trip. Now I am sitting at the airport waiting for my delayed flight to go see Phil!

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