Friday, July 18, 2008

No Foolishness

There is something about chilli and cheese in Cali, everything has it on it... Went to Tommy's and got the Mega Combo. Basically it is a triple burger, triple chilli, triple sized drink, and top it off with a triple bypass surgery.

Also went to Dromo1 finally, it wasn't closed and private like it was the last time we came. Way better than CIR!

Finished the night off with some more Touge Action. A cop came by and told us no foolishness. So we decided no weed or drinking, cop went the other way up the hill and they took another run... Then a helicopter came up the mountain, attempted to do some flatspins, failed horribly at that, and the cop came out. 30 minutes later the cop leaves, the helicopter decides to show us he is still a man and proceeds up the mountain, 5 minutes later the cop zooms by chasing him again. Another 30 minutes goes by and the helicopter comes down with a sad face.

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