Monday, September 22, 2008

MSC @ Nikko

For some reason Nikko has always been a track I wanted to drive at, its nothing but 90 degree corners, but it was just really appealing. Here are some pics from Wrecked

Every event needs a little Magic!

Sexy Style!!

Black wheels, black vinyl, do it Earl

Well built corollas are such a rarity these days.

Bright ass S14 kouki with my favorite wheels, Weds Kranze LXZ. They will be mine!!

Tandem, can't wait.

Check out the rest of the gallery HERE


Dave 'Bruce' Lee said...

spirant cars are always hut.

i'm happy sexy style 180 is still in biz.

that s14 has got it all.

japan is kinda fresh right now.

marry said...

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