Sunday, November 16, 2008

Onevia vs Silvia

On one hand I have this.

Stay onevia, keep lowering, do funky things thing to my wheels (for some reason I really like these back wheels)

While on the other hand I have this.

Put on the silvia headlights, new aero, new look.


Rob said...

Here is a novel idea..

leave that shit the same and work on making the car actually never break!


Benson H said...

or he could make it a silvia and make it never break!!!! hahaha

JC said...

Simba Keep it Onevia

we have enough Hot hatchs and hot Silvia coupes...

We need to step up the OneVia game... i'm almost tempted to sell my hatch and start on a Onevia b/c of you and your awesome car.

REVGASM said...

as much as i want onevia

yo man, Flip The Script baby!!!

s0apgun said...

never change stop the onevia

did you forget about the sexy knights onevia