Sunday, November 30, 2008

QR Codes

So I have had my G1 for about a month now, loving every bit of it. One of the features on it can scan barcodes. Now the main usage in the states is you can scan any product at say Best Buy, the program will take the UPC code or whatever and do a web search for prices. You can either look at online prices and it will show you the cheapest price online and give you a link to the purchase page. Or you can do a local search and it will look at all stores near your GPS area and put it on google maps with prices. You can also put in price points so that it will alert you when the product is at the price you want it.

Now thats is not the coolest part of barcode scanning. The best part is QR Codes or 2D Barcodes. You don't see them in the US much at all, but in Japan you see them all over. I think one of the first phones to feature it was the Nokia Rob was trying to buy when Cloverfield came out. 

So as odd as that thing looks it contains information. It can contain a link to a number to call, or a number to text, it can also display text such as instructions, or a nice message. It can also contain a web url, the above is a link to this blog, on the G1 you simply open the barcode scanner then scan and click the link and it brings you here. If you go to Japan you will see these all over, you probably have seen them in Japanese magazines, or on some blog sites.

I hope more phone makers begin adding this function to their phones and it will get used more in the US.


And Clash with what looks to be another great video on the way.

RED BULL DRIFTING WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP Teaser from Clashproduction on Vimeo.

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Ian said... has news, videos focused on QR codes. If you register you get you own trackable QR code which can be traced on a google map. explains a little more about QR codes.