Tuesday, February 24, 2009


As I mentioned in my last post, Dent Sport was working on my Exhaust manifold. I picked up a Peak Performance manifold from TF Mike, and a Tial 38mm Wastegate from Touge Factory. Sent that and my turbo to DSG. Here is the result

Oh and soon the intake will be done.

Oh and some music:




Rob said...

I look at that manifold and think


do tell

Simba said...

depends on the question... The main reasons are the way my turbo is clocked it sits at a funny angle that I never really trusted (it broke once). Other reason is haltech doesn't do internals wastegates well. And it is rerouted because I like the sound of rerouted more than external on an SR...

Edgar said...

baby we dont make love, we make magic