Sunday, February 1, 2009

Hot Stuff!

The Dark Knight was re released in IMAX this weekend, so we decided to go watch it down at Navy Pier. While in the area we decided to go eat at Heaven on Seven, it is a Cajun restaurant that if you ever have the chance to go to, you have to go! Especially if you like spicy food, the tables have a ridiculous amount of hot sauces on them, below is only about half of our selection.

The above does not show the spicy stuff though, if you ask for it they can bring you the "brown box". I didn't get a good pic, but in it contains thier 4 hottest sauces, the waiter gave us a warning about one of them called "Da Bomb". He says its industrial strength stuff.

Earl tried a drop and jumped up and described it as putting a BWW blazing wing in your mouth all at once. 119,000 scoville units

Oh and other hot stuff, old pics back from the past.

Jesse and my car back in the day, rocking 15s, Meshies, Shortlosers, and Wats! In front of garage:Knockoff.

LDTP!!! This was my 2nd day drifting, literally the second day, first day was the day before.


the3L said...

you guys are cool! hah

Revgasm_Josh said...

you did not just say "short losers"

bwahahahahha, classic

DaS said...

where was that lat pic taken? i keep thinking bolingbrook